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Former presidential rival tells Mubarak to leave

Former presidential rival tells Mubarak to leave
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President Hosni Mubarak should leave the country “to protect the interests of the Egyptian people,” Ayman Nour told euronews in an interview on Saturday.

Nour is the head of the liberal El Ghad party, one of Egypt’s main opposition groups.

He ran against Hosni Mubarak for the presidency in 2005 and has been protesting for the past five days.

euronews spoke with Nour in a telephone interview.

euronews: What is your message to president Mubarak?

Ayman Nour: “Get out, that’s the essence of our message. Get out to save Egypt and protect the interests of the Egyptian people. This president likes his position of power more than his country and his country’s stability. The situation will not get better until Mubarak has gone.”

euronews: Will this new government change anything?

Nour: “To be talking of a new government is ridiculous. Egyptian governments consist merely of civil servants appointed by the president. The people have no say in what Mubarak does. The protesters want to bring the regime down. It’s what the people want. It seems the president hasn’t understand this. He thinks that he is the regime. He must go.”

euronews: There have been widespread reports of looting. How can this problem be tackled?

Nour: “Now we are forming a public commission to help protect our fellow citizens and I call on all Egyptians to help us. We have to stop the theft and pillage from public institutions . It’s the police who are organising this, with certain government elements also taking part.”