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Egyptian demonstrators vow to keep up protests

Egyptian demonstrators vow to keep up protests
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Demonstrators have been out in the streets all day in cities across Egypt. They say that after 30 years of emergency rule, of opposition voices being silenced, of one-sided elections, unemployment and rising food prices, they will not stop until President Mubarak steps down.

One protester said: “We need everything: food, we want to get married, we want to work. We’ve been beaten and humiliated, we have suffered too much, stop it for the love of God!”

Another said: “Every little thing you do takes so much time and money, we want the president to come and see what our lives are like…”

In the security vacuum caused by the withdrawal of the police, some people are fearful of the future.

One man said: “This country needs a ruler with an iron fist, otherwise our country will be invaded by outsiders.”

As night falls, the curfew announced mid-afternoon is still not being enforced. It seems clear that the demonstrations are set to continue for a second night running.