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Cairo protesters: they don't care about the poor

Cairo protesters: they don't care about the poor
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Smoke is still rising above the ruling party’s headquarters in Cairo as crowds gather on the streets for a fifth day of demonstrations against President Mubarak. Nobody knows where this situation is headed although people on the streets say that this is the result of years of frustration and pressure building up with the regime.

One witness said: “There has been tension and clashes all night because pressure has been building up for years, and young people especially have suffered under authoritarian pressure from the rulers of this country.”

Another witness said: “The old and the new governments, they are just there to protect business and the upper classes, they aren’t there to look after the poor people.”

The streets tell their own tale. The remains of a night of destruction and violence are all around. Burned out buses, streets littered with stones and other debris. The atmosphere is uneasy but it seems that President Mubarak’s government reshuffle has done little to calm the situation.

Mohamed Elhamy, Euronews’ correspondent in Cairo, said: “So this is the situation in Cairo a couple of hours after the end of the curfew, destruction and looting which have gone on all night. The fear now is that it will continue today and in the nights to come.”