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British students take to the streets

British students take to the streets
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We won’t give in without a fight. That is the message from students at mass demonstrations held in the UK against higher tuition fees and cuts in government spending.

euronews correspondent in London Chiara Reid said: “It might well be too late – the law has been passed, and universities have the right to charge students fees, to raise student fees, as from 2012. But these students believe that by taking to the street they can still change things.”

Sean Rillo Raczka from the National Union of Students told euronews: “Well, the law may have been passed, but I think action on the streets can always undo laws. People on the streets can make the government and make politicians think again.”

Protester Nulufer Yildiran told our reporter: “I am here because I am angry about what this government is doing. They are cutting all the public sector services, they are playing with the NHS, they are getting rid of all the frontline workers.”

Another protester, Ian Murray, said: “Our government is engaged in an ideological onslaught on the working class of this country. They are trying to do what Thatcher couldn’t do … and that is privatise everything to do with public services.”