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Qantas jet plunges 25,000ft in mid-flight

Qantas jet plunges 25,000ft in mid-flight
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All is well that ends well but the 99 passengers of a Qantas jet have had one heck of a fright.

An air-conditioning fault caused depressurisation, forcing the Boeing 737 airliner to descend more than 25,000 feet as it headed from Adelaide to Melbourne in southern Australia. No one was hurt.

“There was a bang and there was a bit of a really muffled sound,” said passenger Liza Vallely. “Next thing we know, turbulence and the air masks dropped down and no one knew whether to grab them or whether it was a mistake and then we just hear this sot of pre-recorded voice saying: ‘emergency, emergency, please sit in the closest vacant seat and fasten your seat belts.’”

It is not the first mid-air drama for Qantas. Other incidents include last November’s explosion of an engine after take-off from Singapore, forcing the Australian airline to ground its entire A380 fleet.