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Muscovites mourn bomb attack victims

Muscovites mourn bomb attack victims
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One day after the attack at Domodedova airport, people have been honouring those killed in the blast.

Muscovites are facing heightened security after the blast which killed 35 people and put 85 in hospital. Many are struggling to come to terms with the attack.

One Moscow resident said: “I cannot even explain my feelings. I’m confused and very sorry for the people, the innocent people. My daughter lives in Sicily and comes to this airport quite often. It’s very scary. My condolences to all the victims.”

Russian President Dmitri Medvedev has called for tighter security checks. Some people feel however, the move is too little too late.

A man in Moscow gave an angry reaction: “We need to change the leaders of the country. All of them. From the very first to the last. They are the same in parliament, they keep reorganising everything, but there’s no order in the country.”

With fears of more attacks, officials have put all public transport, including Moscow’s metro and bus routes, on high alert.

The Russian president has also called for passengers and baggage at all transport centres to be thoroughly checked.