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Palestinians infuriated by contents of "leaks"

Palestinians infuriated by contents of "leaks"
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The publication of leaked papers said to contain details of talks between Israel and the Palestinians has created anger in the West Bank and Gaza.

One document , from 2008, suggests the Palestinians offered to let Israel keep parts of occupied East Jerusalem, but this was rejected.
The UK Guardian says it has seen and verified the majority of the papers. Arabic television network Al Jazeera says it has received 1,600 documents in the last few months. They are thought to originate from sources on the Palestinian side.

On the streets of Arab East Jerusalem, reactions are mixed:

“I am not surprised because no one has benefited from these talks since Oslo. There has never been a concrete result, so I am not shocked to hear this,” said one man.

“I think we would prefer to have occupied status rather than just be handed over by the Palestinian leadership,” added another.

Protesters in Ramallah vented their anger on Al Jazeera’s headquarters, burning one of the station’s logos.

They daubed graffiti, alleging the company is in thrall to Israel and claimed it had divided the Arab people and is trying to stain the Palestinian leadership.