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Diplomats downbeat as Iranian nuclear talks founder

Diplomats downbeat as Iranian nuclear talks founder
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The European Union’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton shows the strain as nuclear talks between Iran and Britain, France, Germany, Russia the US and China come to nothing in Istanbul.

Baroness Ashton claimed Iran came to the table with preconditions and Western diplomats spoke of their frustration over Iranian attitudes at the talks.

Iran said only a deal based on Tehran’s right to uranium enrichment would be acceptable.

Speaking after, Baroness Ashton said: “It became clear that the Iranian side was not ready for this unless we agreed to preconditions related to enrichment and sanctions. Both these preconditions are not a way to proceed.”

The international delegation proposed a new plan to allow Iran to keep uranium enrichment within civilian targets by sending uranium away to be processed.

Not good enough for Iran.

Saeed Jalili, Iran’s chief negotiator, said: “Dialogue is useful and successful, if it’s based on common logic. If you use instruments other than common logic then it’s not dialogue but dictation.”

The diplomatic door remains open, but no date for fresh talks has been set.

The West believes Iran wants a nuclear bomb, Iran claims it wants nuclear power for civilian use.