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"Baby Doc" offers to help Haitian reconstruction

"Baby Doc" offers to help Haitian reconstruction
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Supporters of former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier gathered to hear the “ex president for life” break his silence on his surprise return to his quake hit birthplace.

Duvalier expressed condolences for the victims of last years earthquake and stated his desire to assist in the country’s reconstruction:

“From the moment I decided to return to Haiti to commemorate this sad anniversary with you in our country, I have been expecting all kinds of persecution,” he said.

Persecution being accusations of embezzlement, fraud and crimes against humanity.

Gerardo Ducas from Amnesty International made it clear that Duvalier was going nowhere:

“He must remain in Haiti as long as the investigation takes place. It could be three months, it could be one year it could be two years, so Duvalier has to remain in Haiti.”

Lawsuits against “Baby Doc” have been filed by UN spokeswoman Michele Montas, and three Haitians jailed during Duvalier’s 15-year-rule.

Haiti’s politics meanwhile remains quagmired in a row over which candidates should participate in the second round of elections to replace the outgoing President Rene Preval.

While politicians wrangle the people of Haiti continue to suffer.