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Protests continue in central Tunis

Protests continue in central Tunis
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Protestors have surrounded the headquarters of the RCD, the party that governed Tunisia for decades until last Friday.

Behind the metal fence, security forces fired shots in the air to disperse the angry crowds.

They are demanding that ministers associated with the regime of the ousted President Ben Ali leave the government for good.

This morning, every minister in the interim government resigned from the party. But for these, people, that is not enough.

The veteran opposition leader Najib Shebbi told Euronews that responding to the will of the people is not always the best way forward.

He said dissolving the party is not an obligation, but separating it from the state is.

Another minister has resigned from the government, bringing the total this week to five.

Tunisia’s Foreign Affairs minister Kamel Morjane fended off the press as he arrived for work this morning.

But there are likely to be even more questions when he leaves, following news of today’s mass exodus from the party.