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Daily life continues in Tunis

Daily life continues in Tunis
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Away from the hotspots, life on the streets of Tunis is slowly getting back to normal.

It is less than a week since the popular uprising which cost President Ben Ali his job and his lifestyle.

“Everyone feels much more confident and has gone back to work,” one woman confided on her way to work. “We all feel there is some kind of security now. I hope it will be calmer over the next few days.”

Unemployment and hunger are said to have been two of the main causes of last week’s revolt.

“We broke with the past,” said one man buying his morning bread, “and now we are facing a future of freedom, democracy and work.”

“The people should have their say. They should have a voice in politics.” said another in a cafe, “I always used to say we were like tenants, but these days we are the landlords.”

But not everything is back to normal. The stock exchange along with many schools and businesses remain closed and some workers are on strike.

A curfew remains in place.