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Tunisians demand old guard cabinet purge

Tunisians demand old guard cabinet purge
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Following weeks of civil unrest over poverty and unemployment, protesters in Tunisia are still demonstrating.

The groundswell of anger against the government forced President Ben Ali to flee to Saudi Arabia, and his assets have been frozen pending an investigation. But the new coalition government has now also come under fire for including too many of the ousted president’s allies.

Euronews correspondent Jamal Ezzedini said: “Despite the resignation of the president and Prime Minister Ghannouchi from the RCD, the protests continue, with the people demanding the resignation of all Ben Ali’s old ministers who are still in government.”

The ruling RCD party, which was led by Ben Ali, has cancelled his membership as a sign that they are ready to break ties completely.

Siham Ben Sidrin, with the National Council for Civil Liberties, said: “We demand the creation of a constitutional council to rewrite the constitution and harness all the forces that have contributed to this revolution so that the dreams of the people can be realised.”

Although the streets have quieted, opponents and protesters are still demanding a total clearout of all Ben Ali’s associates, especially Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi.