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Tunisia's ruling party target of new protests

Tunisia's ruling party target of new protests
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Tunisia’s ruling party is calling for calm after the ousting of the country’s president, and is promising to quickly announce a new coalition government.

But police have attempted to break up a protest by hundreds of people calling for the ruling party to also relinquish power. Officers are using water cannon, teargas and firing shots into the air.

This as Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi attempts to restore stability after President Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia in the face of a street revolt.

“We need a solution for these political problems,” said one man in Tunis. “The country needs to be kickstarted, like it was before. We need a government, because a nation without a government is not a country.”

Reestablishing order after weeks of violent demonstrations is the top priority for officials. But it seems the complaints against unemployment, corruption and repression will not disappear easily.

Shooting could be heard in parts of the capital overnight, as Tunisian special forces clashed with former presidential security personnel.

It is reported three opposition leaders may be offered positions in a new coalition cabinet.