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Heed lessons of Tunisia, says Arab League chief

Heed lessons of Tunisia, says Arab League chief
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In Cairo, close to the Egyptian parliament, a man set himself on fire on Monday. It was an apparent protest against poor living standards and echoed the suicide last month that spurred protests in Tunisia.

In this case Abdouh Abdel Moneim, who had poured petrol over himself and then set himself alight when people approached, survived.

His actions follow four similar cases in Algeria. Official sources said two people have been killed in the country during demonstrations and many injured. The government has cut the cost of sugar and cooking oil in a bid to calm the protests.

Arab states have made little or no comment about the events in Tunisia, though Libya has said the protesters were too hasty in toppling their president.

Demonstrators took to the streets in Jordan on Sunday. The protests against unemployment and the cost of living have prompted the Arab League chief, Amr Moussa, to warn Arabs to consider the lessons of Tunisia. Another commentator said: “Tunisia provides an incentive in other countries but that doesn’t mean its going to happen.”