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Tunisia, the start of a new era - euronews correspondent in Tunis

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Tunisia, the start of a new era - euronews correspondent in Tunis
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With their long time autocratic leader former president Ben Ali swept from power, Tunisia is preparing for a new future.

Daline Hassan, euronews, talks to our correspondent in Tunis , Jamal Ezzedini.

Daline Hassan, euronews: “After the the popular revolution to unseat former President Ben Ali, under the constitution the speaker has been appointed acting president, pending parliamentary and presidential elections. There is still unrest in the country. Jamal Ezzedine our special correspondent in Tunisia what is the latest situation?”

Jamal Ezzedini: “There have been a number of serious developments which have taken place during the past few hours. Since last night armed groups have been looting across several areas. The police have been pursuing them and trying to stamp out the looting. Its believed these people are supporters of the deposed president, that they have been trained and are carrying guns, not pistols but automatic rifles. Its believed they are not the protestors – those people who led to the downfall of the president.”

Daline Hassan, euronews: “How did the Tunisian people use the new technology of the Internet and Facebook in their uprising against Ben Ali?”

Jamal Ezzedini: “As you know there is a control on press freedom in Tunisia so that the opposition’s voice could not be heard inside the country or even beyond the boundaries of the country. The only voice the opposition has had to express their beliefs, to get their message across and to talk to other people who opposed the President’s rule has been on the Internet. The opposition have used Facebook, and YouTube.”

Daline Hassan, euronews: “What information do you have on the political parties meeting to discuss the formation of a coalition government until elections are held.”

Jamal Ezzedini “Currently the discussions between the political parties and other civil organizations are continuing to reach an agreement to establish a national coalition government until the presidential elections”

Daline Hassan, euronews: “Its been reported relatives of Ben Ali and others were arrested can you tell us more on this?”

Jamal Ezzedini: “There are reports confirming the arrest of several people close to Ben Ali. There is reliable information that his son-in-law Salim Chaiboub was arrested at the Tunisian-Libyan border. There are other reports that another son-in-law has escaped. At the moment we don’t know what will happen to them but it is certain there will be moves to take these people to court so they are tried for all the atrocities that were committed during the reign of Ben Ali.”