Fiat wins Turin union vote

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Fiat wins Turin union vote

Fiat wins Turin union vote
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Fiat workers on Saturday narrowly backed reforms at the Italian carmaker’s Turin factory aimed at limiting strikes and absenteeism in return for investing one billion euros there.

54 percent voted in favour of CEO Sergio Marchionne’s plans to turnaround the loss-making Mirafiori plant on the outskirts of the northern Italian city.

“Now the industrial plan for Mirafiori will go ahead.

Marchionne has to quickly deploy the investment, as he promised,” FIM national secretary general Bruno Vitali told Reuters.

Fiat had threatened to shift capacity out of Italy to more productive and profitable plants if the company lost the vote.

The deal is part of a 20-billion-euro “Fabbrica Italia” plan to double domestic production by 2014. It targets widespread absenteeism by curbing pay for those who take repeated sick leave around holidays and by ending wildcat strikes.

It cuts the number of breaks per eight-hour shift to three from four and raises the number of shifts to 18 a week from 15.

Fiat can also call on each worker for 120 hours of overtime per year without union approval.

Marchionne wants to save money by sharing production costs for Jeep and Alfa Romeo models with its US partner Chrysler.