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Egypt reacts to crisis in Tunisia

Egypt reacts to crisis in Tunisia
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In Egypt the unfolding crisis in Tunisia is being monitored closely. Dozens of Egyptians have gathered to show their support. The foreign ministry has issued a statement saying it respected the choices of the Tuisian people and trusted their wisdom, “in fixing the situation and avoiding the collapse of Tunisia into chaos.”

Could Egypt, where Hosni Mubarak has ruled for almost 30 years, be next?

“The amount of freedom which people have could postpone an outbreak of protests in Egypt but if the Egyptian government doesn’t resolve problems such as unemployment,

corruption, inflation and poor distribution of income, if the government doesn’t sort these problems out then the freedom that people do have will not be enough to prevent the eruption of protests,” said Gouda Abdel-khalek an economy and political expert

The Internet has brought people closer to their leaders and to what is happening in the Arab world. Egyptian bloggers having been using it to call for demonstrations to show support and solidarity with Tunisian people and to protest against the current situation in Egypt.

“Many experts rule out the possibilities of what is happening in Tunisia being repeated here in Egypt. They point to the margin of freedom available throughout the country.

“The Internet and social network sites which provide Egyptians with news about those events in another Arab country may make this

margin not enough for the Egyptians,” reported Euronews correspondent Mohamed Elhami.