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Once Again About Love

Once Again About Love
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A new exhibition called Once Again About Love has opened at the Fine Art Gallery in Kiev, in Ukraine. Oleg Maslov’s paintings deal largely with memories of childhood. It’s a colourful world filled with sailors and schoolgirls, where the sky is always blue and the grass is always green.

He said: “These are three stories which speak about nostalgia, about our nostalgic approach to life. Life is a very painful process. That’s my perception. Other people may have a different one… Everyone has their weak points which come to the fore when they are not quite well. Then, what I call the “nostalgic lighthouses” are lit. That’s what this exhibition is about.”

The Anna Nova gallery in Saint Petersburg represents Oleg Maslov and is responsible for bringing these works to Kiev. Marina Vinogradova, the curator, said: “This project is a mixture of neo-academism, the trend to which Oleg belongs, and a touch of Soviet kitsch. He evokes classic Soviet themes – schoolgirls, uniforms, sailors’ uniforms, for example. All these themes remind us of the 1980s.”

The exhibition runs until 20th January.