Protesters clash with police over tuition fee hike

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Protesters clash with police over tuition fee hike

Protesters clash with police over tuition fee hike
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Protesters fought running battles with police in central London on Thursday in violent clashes over plans to make students pay more to go to university.

Earlier that afternoon, MPs decided to raise the cap on undergraduate tuition fees to nine thousand pounds (10,700 euros)

An estimated 20,000 people converged on the British capital to voice their opposition to the proposal by Prime Minister David Cameron’s coalition government.

A number of demostrators took over Parliament Square but their protest soon turned violent as officers battled to contain the crowd.

Some protesters accused the police of using heavy-handed tactics.

Scotland Yard brushed off those claims, saying its forces had been the target of ‘extreme violence.’

Demonstrators threw missiles and tore down crowd barriers and some attacked the Treasury, the building which is home to Britain’s finance ministry.

Twelve of their officers and 43 protesters have been injured, 22 people were arrested.

Student leaders say the protests will continue even if the bill becomes law.

It still has to be approved by the upper chamber, the House of Lords.