Fraud claims over Haiti's presidential run-off

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Fraud claims over Haiti's presidential run-off

Fraud claims over Haiti's presidential run-off
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In Haiti’s troubled presidential election, supporters of a candidate narrowly squeezed out of the run-off vote have voiced their frustration and anger.

Popular musician Michel Martelly missed out by less than 1 per cent of the first round ballot, in a vote racked with accusations of fraud.

They lit fires and hurled missiles in areas of the capital Port-au-Prince.

For the run-off, Haiti’s electoral council has put

former first lady Mirlande Manigat head-to-head with Jude Celestin, a protege of the outgoing president Rene Preval.

But as Manigat supporters celebrated, the US embassy said the results were inconsistent with the vote-counts and backed a review of the first round.

Third-placed Martelly has already accused his rival Celestin and President Preval of trying to rig the vote. And he is not the only candidate to have alleged fraud.

Candidates have 72 hours to lodge apeals against the preliminary results. The second-round is due in mid-January.

There is palpable fury in a country still struggling to recover from the devastating earthquake in January and coping with a widespread present-day cholera outbreak.

Officials have acknowledged that many of the 250,000 dead are still registered to vote, and many of the living are still waiting for identity cards.