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French anti-capitalists follow Cantona appeal

French anti-capitalists follow Cantona appeal
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It seems to have been more of a symbolic protest than a real threat to the French banking system.

A group of anti-capitalist protesters, some dressed as prisoners, have emptied money from their bank accounts.

They were following an appeal from football icon Eric Cantona for people to make a run on the banks to punish them over the financial crisis.

But opinion on the issue seems to be divided.

One Parisian man said: “I think he’s a provocateur. I heard this morning about the links he himself has with the system, so I think this is a bit rich coming from him.”

Another man said: “Fundamentally, I think it’s a good idea, to get things moving. Even if there is a risk. But I think it does invite people to reflect on things, and that’s not bad.”

French ministers dismissed Cantona’s appeal as naive, while the press revealed his own wife appeared in a TV advert for a bank earlier this year.