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Ivory Coast "back to square one"

Ivory Coast "back to square one"
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With Ivory Coast’s borders closed, euronews spoke again – by telephone – to Patrick N’gouan, head of the Ivorian Civil Society Convention, an independent national body working for peace.

Patrick N’gouan: “We’re back on the road to another crisis. We can’t get out of this crisis if we limit ourselves to the wishes and whims of these three people: (the former president) Mr Bedié, Mr Ouattara, Mr Gbagbo. We’re back to square one. That means all the peace accords will have failed.”

François Chignac, euronews: “Does that mean you’re worried there’ll be violence in the coming days?”

Patrick N’gouan: “It’s inevitable. Unfortunately it’s inevitable.”

euronews: “And a new split, deepening the division between north and south?”

Patrick N’gouan: “That’s entirely possible. To hand victory to Mr Ouattara is to provoke a crisis. To hand victory to Mr Gbagbo is also to provoke a crisis. So the only solution is to try to find a consensus to start all over again, that’s how I see things.”

euronews: “With international TV channels blocked, it seems that journalists are unable to do their jobs properly. What do you think of that?”

Patrick N’gouan: “That’s true. Because today, there are lots of restrictions on freedom: because of the curfew, because of the ban on foreign press and because of the overall distrust that people have. Here everyone is afraid. So, it’s obvious that journalists cannot freely move without, I believe, being totally worried.”