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Anti-North Korean protests on eve of war games

Anti-North Korean protests on eve of war games
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Pressure is building on South Korean President Lee Myung-bak for a more robust response to North Korea, four days after the North launched an artillery bombardment that killed four people.

Anti-North Korean protests have sprung up in various parts of the capital Seoul, including a demonstration by 1,000 marine veterans who want revenge for the attack.

One of them gave his opinion in forthright tems:

“This is a challenge to our marine corps, so we, the Marines will lead the way and mercilessly pay back the puppet North Koreans hundreds of times more harshly.”

A service has been held for the two Marines who were killed in the shelling. They were honoured with a gun salute as officials paid their respects.

Seoul is expecting further provocative action from the North on Sunday during joint US-South Korean military manoeuvres in the Yellow Sea.

It is not only Pyongyang that has slated the war games, China has also warned against any military acts close to its border.

The nuclear powered aircraft carrier the USS George Washington is in the area and is due to take part in the exercises.