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Morocco slams EU W.Sahara resolution

Morocco slams EU W.Sahara resolution
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The European Union’s call for a UN investigation into violence in Western Sahara has provoked a mixed reaction in Morocco.

At least 11 people were killed when Moroccan security forces clashed with militants for an independent Western Sahara earlier this month.

Yesterday the European Parliament passed a resolution that “strongly condemned” the violence.

The head of the pro-independence Polisario Front group said the EU statement was an implicit but clear condemnation of the actions of the Moroccan authorities.

European lawmakers urged an independent UN enquiry into the incident and suggested that a UN human rights watchdog be set up in Western Sahara, a former Spanish colony that Morocco claims as its own.

The Moroccan government has reacted angrily.

The country’s communications minister called the resolution “hasty, partial, unfair and non-objective.”

He added that a Spanish opposition party was behind the resolution and that it had “stabbed the Moroccan people in the back.”

Failure to agree on a referendum on Western Sahara’s independence has brought the situation to a stalemate, with both Morocco and independence groups scrapping to win international support.