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Lost boys back on dry land after 50 day ordeal

Lost boys back on dry land after 50 day ordeal
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The three teenage boys set adrift in a small boat in the South Pacific for 50 days are back on dry land in Fiji.

The boys survived on coconuts, a seagull and by drinking rain water then sea water.

All three from the New Zealand territory of Tokelau disappeared on October 6.

The small craft drifted 1,300 kilometres in the Pacific Ocean before a chance rescue by a fishing boat.

Francis Kean from the Fijian navy explains:

“The boat was fishing up in Tuvalu, on its way back to New Zealand it spotted the teenagers and picked them up. So they stopped off at the nearest medical facility, which is here in Fiji.”

For friends and family their return comes as a great surprise, only two weeks ago memorial services for the boys were held by relatives convinced the teenagers had perished.

All three are said to be in a good condition considering the length of their ordeal.