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Violence in London over university fees

Violence in London over university fees
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More than 30 people were arrested in London alone as protests against education cuts erupted across Britain.

An estimated 130,000 people demonstrated in the capital against the government’s proposals to raise university fees.

Students have been outraged at plans to triple current fees and charge the equivalent of ten and a half thousand euros a year.

Scuffles broke out in central London, but unlike the violent demonstrations two weeks ago when the police were caught on the back foot, this time there were many more officers on the streets. Seventeen people, including two policemen were injured.

One police van was attacked and smashed, although many students insisted it was an isolated incident. Others, though, believe the explosion of anger is justifiable.

London University student and protest organiser Mark Bergfeld said:

“The Con-Dem government in this country is decimating higher education, is decimating the welfare state and is imposing an austerity agenda. They have no mandate to cut, and the broken futures, the broken futures of generations to come is in no way compared to a few broken windows.”

Much of the resentment has been directed at the Conservatives, but many feel especially betrayed by the junior member of the coalition, the Liberal Democrats, who backtracked over election promises not to support a rise in tuition fees.