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Thousands rally in Ukraine over tax changes

Thousands rally in Ukraine over tax changes
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Once it was focal point of Ukraine’s Orange Revolution. Now the main sqaure in Kiev is the scene of popular anger once more.

This time, thousands of small business owners are making their voices heard, protesting at planned tax changes they say could leave them bankrupt.

“I am against the adoption of the new tax code,” said one demonstrator. “I don’t want us to take the risk of this new code leading to corruption. We pay taxes and we pay them on time. So we are opposed to visits from tax police, coming to collect taxes directly from our businesses.”

The new law would widen the net, taking in people like market traders and taxi drivers who until now have simply made monthly ad hoc tax payments.

Vowing to stay put night and day, protesters complain that the changes offer loopholes to the government’s wealthy industrialist supporters.