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China concerned at US-South Korea military drills

China concerned at US-South Korea military drills
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There was widespread anger at North Korean leader Kim Jong-il in the streets of South Korea over the shelling of one of their islands by the North.

Many have condemned President Lee Myung-bak for appearing to go to great lengths to avoid all-out war. The South Korean government has also accepted the resignation of the defence minister over criticism that the military response was too slow.

Meanwhile, the US and South Korea will conduct joint military exercises in the Yellow Sea and the Chinese fear this may stoke tensions further with Pyongyang.

In a military statement issued via a news agency, the North threatened further attacks if provoked.

It is still not clear exactly who ordered the attack, but Kim Jong-il and his son were present at the military base used to fire the shells, just hours before the attack.

Reporters were allowed into Yeonpyeong Island for the first time since the assault. It is eerily quiet.

Residents have abandoned their charred and battered homes for the mainland and many vow never to return.