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Pressure for Cowen to call early budget

Pressure for Cowen to call early budget
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The Irish Prime Minister has rejected calls for a swift election and an emergency austerity budget for as early as next week.
The opposition and coalition partner the Green Party have pressed for action on the budget in a bid to attract further EU funding.
But PM Brian Cowen has so far refused to budge from the planned date of December 7.
He said: “I believe there will be support for this budget. And I believe that this house knows and understands the terms of the seriousness of what we need to do in the present situation we find ourselves in.”
Ireland has not seen such political turmoil in years, and there is dissatisfaction everywhere over the handling of this crisis. 
One lady on the street said of Brian Cowen: 
“I’ll never vote for him again. Never. As long as I live. If they cut my old age pension, I’ll kill them all together.”
Within his own party, the cries for Cowen to step down as leader of the party after the budget are growing louder.
Michael Ring, a Fine Gael MP, said: “The simple thing is we need the general election. We’ll have the election before Christmas, a new government formed, we’ll have a budget, and I think it’s the right thing for the country.”
With the EU pulling the political strings now, the Irish government has lost much credibility.
They have already seen the strength of public fury and there are no signs of the resentment abating.