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New brain cancer hope

New brain cancer hope
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A new technique called electroporation uses a metal rod containing a bunch of electrodes to aid chemotherapy to penetrate cancer cells.

In pre-clinical trials on treating brain cancer with these sophisticated electrodes , the results have been impressive. The next step will be clinical testing.

Julie Gehl, one of the scientists involved in developing the technique explains: “You create small cracks in each cell membrane so that the chemotherapy can penetrate better. In fact, it can be 300 times more efficient than normal.”

This could mean better brain cancer survival rates. The technique is already being used successfully on skin cancer. When this method is used to treat brain cancer in a living patient for the first time, it will be a global news story: this is set to happen next spring and scientists are very confident about the results.

Said Julie Gehl: “You can remove about ¾ of the treated tumors with a one-time treatment.”