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UN's grim forcast for Haiti

UN's grim forcast for Haiti
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The latest estimate from the United Nations is that as many as 200,000 Haitians could contract cholera – and the organisation has launched a desperate plea for more help to combat the deadly disease.

More doctors, medicine and water purification tablets are urgently needed.

François Gryone, manager of the hospital run by
Médecins Sans Frontières, said: “We have an increase, a significant increase in the number of patients here. It is almost double every day. So in this hospital, because of the space constraints, we have to make sure that people can be sent to another place where we can provide better care.”

The main problem is the squalid conditions in which many people are living, 10 months after Haiti’s devastating earthquake which left 1.5 million homeless.

The UN says much of the aid pledged by foreign states simply hasn’t been delivered.

An estimated 800 people have already died from cholera since the outbreak began three weeks ago. That figure looks set to rise significantly.