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Nuclear convoy finally reaches German site

Nuclear convoy finally reaches German site
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The high-security, tortuous, five day trek is over.

A shipment of 123 tonnes of nuclear waste has finally been delivered to a storage site in Germany, in defiance of demonstrators who tried to block its path.

At least 17,000 police ensured the controversial cargo’s arrival from a reprocessing plant in France.

“The final truck has gone into the plant,” said police spokesman Torsten Henkel. “Our summary is that the protests were largely peaceful. Police were able to clear the blockades harmoniously and we think our mission was quite okay.”

Harmonious might not be the word to describe the forced removal of protesters from roads near the dump in the northern village of Gorleben. Earlier, others chained themselves to railway tracks – most of the journey was by train – and lowered themselves from bridges on ropes.

The thousands of activists who protested insist their efforts were not in vain.

“I think that we, the people, have to take it into our own hands and not leave the issue to the politicians who can’t be relied on anymore,” said demonstrator Sarah Bies. “We have the right to fight for renewable energy. We have the right because it is our energy and our lives depend on it.”