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World Entrepeneurship Forum awards

World Entrepeneurship Forum awards
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The World Entrepreneurship Forum, held in Lyon, France, has closed after three days of debates on wealth creation and social justice. Over a hundred members of fifty-five countries took part in the event.

Chinese businessman, Liu Chuan-Zhi, was named Entrepreneur of the World. He is the founder of Lenovo, the world’s fourth largest computer manufacturer. It is another recognition of China’s economic power in the same week 20 billion euros worth of business deals were signed with France.

Speaking at the Forum, Liu Chuan-Zhi said: “I think this award shows the attention and the focus of the world is on Chinese companies, Chinese entrepreneurs and particularly Chinese development.”

The French Minister for Economy, Industry and Employment, Christine Lagarde, received an Entrepreneur for the World award, for encouraging the development of entrepreneurial attitudes in society.

Women will make the future leaders of the world, according to Ela Bhatt, a winner in the social entrepreneur category. She founded the Self-Employed Women’s Association of India, and said why she thought women made such good business-people: “I think they bring solutions to the table that are more holistic and more humanistic. They always look for their own roots, and take care of their families and communities. They prefer a peaceful life and are hard workers.”

Against a background social unrest and economic crisis, the World Entrepreneurship Forum stressed its conviction that entrepreneurs are not just profit makers, but creators of wealth and social justice.