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Death toll from Baghdad bombs reaches 64

Death toll from Baghdad bombs reaches 64
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At least 64 people have been killed in a wave of bombings in Baghdad on Tuesday. A series of explosions hit mainly Shi’ite areas of the city, as bombs and roadside devices were planted in as many as seven separate neighbourhoods. Iraq’s Health Minister said 360 people were injured.

These attacks show insurgents may be trying to reignite sectarian violence. Since the inconclusive election in March, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has stayed in power by joining with other Shi’ite groups and doing deals with the minority Kurds, so stopping sectarian attacks is vitally important.

Now there is also the worry of the threat to Iraq’s Christian population. An Al Qaida group in the country says Christians are a legitimate target. However, the Iraqi government has vowed to improve security for Christians and some are refusing to be scared by Al Qaida.

This Christian resident was defiant: “We won’t pay heed to any of their threats. We will remain strong.”

Tuesday’s bombings came only hours after a memorial service was held for the 52 hostages and police killed in a church siege on Sunday.