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More bombs target foreign embassies in Athens

More bombs target foreign embassies in Athens
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Another bomb destined for a foreign embassy has been intercepted in Greece. This latest parcel was addressed to the German embassy, but was detonated by police at the courier company. 
It follows an explosion at the Swiss embassy in Athens on Tuesday morning, in which no one was injured. 
There was another blast at the Russian embassy building, after they received a parcel bomb. Greek police also carried out controlled detonations on suspicious packages sent to the Bulgarian and Chilean embassies.
This has heightened tensions in Greece, which will be holding local elections this weekend. Its the first vote first since tough austerity measures were implemented.
On Monday four devices were discovered in Athens – one of which was addressed to the French President, Nicholas Sarkozy. 
Another was intended for the Mexican embassy, but it exploded in the offices of the private courier company, injuring one employee. 
The other two were sent to the Belgian and Dutch embassies.
Police have arrested two men in connection with yesterday’s devices. 
The men are suspected of planting two of the bombs and reportedly were found in possession of the other two. They were taken to a court in Athens under heavy police guard.