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Female student held in Yemen over bomb packages

Female student held in Yemen over bomb packages
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Authorities in Yemen have arrested a woman suspected of posting the US bound bomb packages.

She was apprehended in the capital Sanaa, after being tracked down through a telephone number she gave to the air freight company.

Her mother was also taken into custody, but is not considered a prime suspect.

The arrested woman is believed to be a medical student in her 20s.

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Salah delivered the following statement:

“We don’t want anyone to interfere in Yemeni affairs and to fight al-Qaeda in Yemen. We are the one’s who will fight them.”

The explosives were packed into printer cartridges and placed in packages addressed to synagogues in Chicago.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said the bomb uncovered at East Midlands Airport could have blown the plane out of the sky.

He also banned cargo originating in Yemen from coming into or through the UK:

“We believe that the device was designed to go off on the aeroplane, we cannot be sure about the timing when that was meant to take place,” he said.

In the US, airport security has gone up a notch with more screening and an increase in the number of undercover air marshals patrolling airports.