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Obama woos young voters on TV comedy show

Obama woos young voters on TV comedy show
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Barack Obama has appeared on a prime time TV comedy show to appeal to voters just days before mid-term elections that could severely dent his presidency.

He gave a robust defence of his policies and record on the Comedy Central satirical programme “The Daily Show”, presented by Jon Stewart.

The presenter commented on the president’s dipping fortunes, commenting that the Democrats’ message appeared to be a desperate plea to the electorate: “please baby, one more chance”.

“How did we go in two years, from hope and change, ‘we are the people we’ve been looking for’… to ‘you’re not going to give them the keys are you’?”, Stewart asked.

The president, who remained serious throughout the show, replied: “When I won and we started the transition, and we looked at what was happening in the economy, a whole bunch of my political folks came up and said, ‘you know what, enjoy this now, because two years from now folks are going to be frustrated’, and that is in fact what is happening.”

Obama’s appearance on the show is being seen as an attempt to reach out to young people.

Change, he said, would not happen overnight.

Republicans have been campaigning on voter discontent especially over the economy.

Polls suggest they are poised to make significant gains in the congressional elections that could render the president’s task much harder.