Cholera epidemic spreads in Haiti

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Cholera epidemic spreads in Haiti

Cholera epidemic spreads in Haiti
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More than 250 people are now known to have died in Haiti’s fast spreading cholera outbreak.

In all, just over 3000 people in the earthquake ravaged Caribbean country have been reported with the infection.

Most of those are in Haiti’s central Artibonite region.

The discovery of five cases in Port-au-Prince had raised fears the speed of the deadly diarrhoeal disease could out pace authorities.

But, experts such as Sophie Chavanel of the Red Cross are hopeful the epidemic will stabilise within the next 24 hours.

“There’s antibiotics as well, ready to treat 3.600 people, there’s tents, mattresses, plastic sheets, so everything to help people here in the affected area,” said Chavanel.

The UN has stressed the cases in the capital were people who had travelled from the infected central region to the city.

Nevertheless, many of Haiti’s poorly equipped hospital’s are still struggling to cope with the volume of patients.

Contagious cholera was not present in Haiti before January’s catastrophic quake and conditions remain ripe for it to take hold.