Massacre at family party shocks Mexican city

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Massacre at family party shocks Mexican city

Massacre at family party shocks Mexican city
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Ciudad Juarez has the dubious accolade of being Mexico’s most violent city.

But the murder of 13 people at a teenage boy’s birthday party has shocked even the most hardened.

Heavily armed gunmen sprayed bullets into the house and yard, which were packed with family members.

In addition to those killed, 20 people were injured.

The local community has been appalled by this attack.

“How is it possible that a nine year old boy is among the injured, asks the mayor. How can a 14 and 15 year old girl be dead?” the local mayor asked reporters.

Inside the house, marks gouged in walls and furniture show just how randomly the bullets were sprayed.

This attack was clearly aimed at causing widespread injury and death.

Six people died earlier this month when gunman raided another party in the Mexican border city.

It is not clear whether this latest attack is linked to the drug war.

Cartels are battling each other and the security forces over the lucrative smuggling routes into the US.