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Typhoon Megi leaves Luzon and heads for China

Typhoon Megi leaves Luzon and heads for China
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Super typhoon Megi appears to have cleared the Philippines main island and is picking up momentum as it heads to southern China.

The winds, in excess of 250 kilometres and hour, hit northeastern Luzon on Monday cutting power and communication lines and leaving 10 dead.

The government appeared well prepared for the typhoon evacuating 7,000 people and organising trucks to help with relief and rescue operations.

In July, the country was hit by a storm which claimed 102 victims.

This man lost his house to the winds:
“At first the storm seemed mild, and then after 30 minutes it hit our home. The storm engulfed it entirely.”

Megi is expected to grow in force over the South China Sea then veer away from Vietnam towards China, passing between Hainan island and Hong Kong.

Beijing has urged local governments to prepare for extreme weather.