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Truckers join French strike; fuel harder to find

Truckers join French strike; fuel harder to find
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France is again the focus of increasing European anger at pension and retirement reforms, which has seen protests and demonstrations across the continent.
This morning, thousands of French truck drivers blocked roads across the country, as anti-reform protests gathered pace ahead of Wednesday’s Senate vote on pension overhauls. Strikers say the government can’t ignore their concerns.
“It is going to affect people getting to work or school, but you can’t make omelettes without breaking eggs,” said Thierry Cordier from the CFDT drivers’ union. “The government does not want to hear or see anything. Well, it will see how the street feels.”
With oil refineries also on strike, there are growing fears France may run out of fuel; the government though insists it has three months of reserve supplies.
The latest action comes ahead of what is expected to be major disruption tomorrow, and on Wednesday when Air France unions have called for a blockade of national airports. All sides say this could be make-or-break for President Sarkozy’s reforms, with the Senate vote due in 48 hours.