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Moscow agrees to nuclear deal with Venezuela

Moscow agrees to nuclear deal with Venezuela
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President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has visited Moscow where he has signed a deal for the Russians to build his country’s first nuclear power plant. At the same time it is to sell Chavez tanks, and buy nearly one and a half billion euros of oil assets.

Russian President Dimitry Medvedev said Venezuela’s neighbours had nothing to worry about;

“I would like to underline that our intentions are clean and open. We want our partner, the Bolivaran Republic of Venezuela to have a full range of energy choices, to have energy independence.”

Chavez slammed the critics of his cosying up to Russia;

“I remember when we started co-operation with Russia in the technical and military area, there was an urgency. Then the campaign started, saying Russia is arming Venezulea to attack other countries, or supply terrorist movements or whatever:”

Chevez then proceeded to reveal the contents of a goddie bag he had brought for his hosts, including cocoa powder, dark chocolate, and banana jam.