French drivers told 'don't panic' as fuel dries up

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French drivers told 'don't panic' as fuel dries up

French drivers told 'don't panic' as fuel dries up
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French motorists have been scrambling to fill up at the petrol pumps.

Strikes and protests aimed at preventing pension reforms are threatening to cause a national fuel shortage.

Some forecourts in the south central city of Lyon have already run out.

Motorist Bernard Martin was not impressed. He said: “Since this morning there is nor more diesel. It’s the first petrol station I’ve visited but I’ve just tried another pump and it’s the same thing.”

Danielle, a nursing auxiliary, said: “It is not the first time there’s been strikes and anyway they will eventually get fed up because they are a pain for everyone.”

Alain Clavel said: “I don’t know how it will finish but it’s not looking good.”

Workers at all 12 of France’s fuel producing refineries are on strike affecting not only forecourt queues but disrupting supplies to airports.

Transport ministry officials are warning the French capital’s main Charles de Gaulle airport only has enough fuel to last a few days.

Air France has been forced to cancel some flights from Orly airport in Paris after runway technicians downed tools in support of the reform protest. But, so far, the majority of flights have remained on schedule.

The government is providing access to the country’s strategic fuel reserve and officials say there is enough to go round. Ministers are urging people not to panic-buy.