Vigil held for murdered Russian journalist

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Vigil held for murdered Russian journalist

Vigil held for murdered Russian journalist
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A vigil has been held in Moscow to mark the 4th anniversary of the death of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

Several hundred people gathered to pay tribute.

Ms Politkovskaya’s investigative work focussed on exposing human rights abuses in Chechnya.

Fellow campaigners were among those at the vigil.

Nina Tagankina, from the Moscow Helsinki Group, paid tribute to her bravery:

“I’ve not just lost a colleague but a friend as well,” she said.

“Anna did great work in Chechnya. Some of our colleagues are still there but since Natasha Estemirova was killed there is practically nobody left. Human rights activists are actually scared to work there now.”

Anna Politkovskaya frequently criticised the Russian government.

Her supporters today lit candles outside the apartment block where she was shot dead 4 years ago.

Despite CCTV footage from outside the building on the night of her death, Ms Politkovskaya’s killer has never been found.

Officials announced on Wednesday that an investigation into her death would remain open, after new information was found.