Rescuers close to Chilean miners

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Rescuers close to Chilean miners

Rescuers close to Chilean miners
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Rescue workers in Chile could be just a day away from reaching 33 trapped miners.

A drill known as Plan B is said to be less than 100 metres from the men.

The world’s media is camped at the mine in northern Chile, following every development of the rescue effort.

President Sebastian Pinera is due to visit today.

His mining minister has been giving regular updates on the situation.

“We restarted the drilling process and we are hoping that we can get contact more or less this Saturday – depending on whether we have to change the hammer or not, it could be a little bit earlier,” Laurence Golborne told reporters.

The miners have been trapped 700 metres underground since August 4.

When they do emerge they will need time to readjust to life above ground – and to natural light.

Special glasses are just part of a rehabilitation plan prepared by authorities.

The programme also includes an on-site evaluation, and then a helicopter ride to a nearby hospital for a full medical check-up.