China angry over dissident's Nobel Prize

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China angry over dissident's Nobel Prize

China angry over dissident's Nobel Prize
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There has been angry reactions in China to the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo.

Police have been stationed outside his wife’s home in Beijing.

Amid struggles – they have been preventing journalists from talking to her.

Liu Xia has not seen her husband since he was jailed last December.

As she looks at photos of her divided family, she hopes receiving the Peace Prize will lead to his release.

She also believes his award will help to bring about reform in China.

The government on Friday posted a furious response to the announcement.

In a statement on their website they called the decision “obscene” and a violation of the Nobel principles.

Authorities added that relations with Norway will now be harmed.

It remains to be seen what further impact the award will have in China.

Liu Xiaobo himself though will not be free to receive his prize in person in December.