Birthday calendar is a "frill" for Putin

Birthday calendar is a "frill" for Putin
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Instead of bearing gifts for Vladimir Putin’s birthday, some young Russians have chosen to bare their flesh.

It features scantily-clad female journalism students, along with suggestive comments like “What about a third time, Mr Prime Minister?”, clearly referring to another term in office for Putin, “The forest fires might be out, but I’m still hot” and the more simple “Vladimir, I love you, you’re the best!”.

The birthday calendar has been produced by a group of journalism students from Moscow State University.

When asked, the head of the faculty, Yelena Vartanova, was carefully neutral.

She said: “I think the calendar is quite frivolous but I don’t see anything criminal in it. Those involved came up with this way to congratulate the Prime Minister on his birthday. It’s a matter for their own conscience.”

And the students themselves are proud of their “undercover” work.

“In principle, I am pretty happy with Putin’s record as prime minister. He’s doing a good job, so why not wish him a happy birthday, and in an original way? We were all friends who did it.” said Miss July, Sandra Kostominskaya.

But there are those who have found an alternative way of saying “knickers” to their prime minister.

“We have questions too,” reads an alternative calendar put together by other students.

Those questions include: “Who killed Anna Politkovskaya?” and “Why is Mikhail Khodorkovsky in prison?”