France arrests 12 terror suspects

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France arrests 12 terror suspects

France arrests 12 terror suspects
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France continues to be on high alert after the arrest of 12 suspected Islamic extremists on Tuesday morning.

The 11 men and one woman are believed to have links to Al-Qaeda.

Arrests took place during dawn raids in Marseille and Bordeaux.

Three of the suspects were linked to a Frenchman arrested in Naples last week.

France is taking the terror threat seriously.

Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said after the arrests that “the threat is real. Our vigilance is total and every French citizen must know that we’re doing everything to ensure their safety and protection.”

Security has been tightened in the French capital after authorities received a tip-off last month of a potential suicide attack on the Paris Metro.

Three of those arrested today are suspected of supplying false papers for jihadists returning from Afghanistan.

A further eight are being held on on suspicion of trafficking firearms and explosives.