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Times Square bomber jailed for life

Times Square bomber jailed for life
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The man who tried to blow up New York’s Times Square has been sentenced to life in prison by a Manhattan court.

31-year-old Faizal Shahzad admitted planning to detonate a car bomb, which failed to go off in May this year.

He told the court, “the war with Muslims has just begun.”

Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum said Shahzad had “repeatedly expressed his lack of remorse and desire, if given the opportunity, to repeat the crime”.

Faizal Shahzad was born in Pakistan but became an American citizen last year.

On May 1, his car bomb was discovered in the centre of New York when a street vendor saw smoke coming from the vehicle.

Police say the bomb did not go off as planned, because of faulty wiring and the wrong mix of chemicals.