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New Seal album out now

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New Seal album out now
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Seal has just released his latest album “Seal 6: Commitment” and the first single off the album is called “Secret”. He says: “Secret is about commitment. It’s about people coming together, and realizing that they are each other’s destiny, and they have a future together. But it is a question of whether or not they are willing to commit to each other.’‘

Seal’s last album was a collection of soul covers – but he admits that he is more enthusiastic about his own material: “I always think of making an album as almost like an audio biography, if you like. Not necessarily autobiographical, but certainly biographical in the sense that you’re singing from experiences and things that have happened in your life, and things that you see happening in other people’s lives. So I suppose there is that difference to them. And you know, it comes out in your unique way.’‘

Seal 6: Commitment is out now.